DJ Beck interviews Gemma Pranita who played Jade Mitchell in Neighbours – Gemma got offered the act to play Sonya’s sister who is married to Jarrod Rebecchi aka Ryan Moloney, Gemma has been in 243 episodes of Neighbours. Gemma is currently working on her photography career

DJ Beck the owner of Sussex FM interviews musician/artist Kida Kudz. Kida was born in Nigeria and came over to England with his family. Kida has recently produced a track called Jiggy Bop and has previously had a release with MS Banks Called Snack, There is also a track with chip coming out called Nasty. Including bigger news with not much else we can say but there is talks that Kida has been producing a track with Wiley.

DJ Beck interviews HMD aka Harry Leopard, Harry has grown up being a Muslim and lives in Manchester city, He has recently released a track called Deen and Deen is an Arabic word with three general senses: judgment, custom, and religion. It is used by both Arab Muslims and Christians. In Islam, the word refers to the way of life Muslims must adopt to comply with divine law, encompassing beliefs, character and deeds. The term appears in the Quran 98 times with different connotations, including in the phrase yawm al-din, generally translated as Day of Judgment. Deen has also been played on DJ Target and The DJ Semtex show on BBC Radio1xtra.

Kevin Lyttle produced a massive hit called Turn Me On and has his latest track Close To You

DJ Beck interviews Lydia Bewley who played jane in the inbetweeners , She also acted in Plebs, The Royals and drifters tv shows

DJ Beck interviews Samm Henshaw, Samm Henshaw is a RnB, HipHop singer from London he has released many songs called such as Broke, Doubt and his latest called Church that has made it to the charts in one of the Biggest UK stations On Radio1xtra and has been chosen as tune of the weekend on Radio 1. Sam has worked with many big artists such as Wretch 32 & Pharrell. He has also had music remixed by a DJ producer under the name of Rude Kid. Samm has also been on tour with Chance the rapper.

Ted Huckabee is known for many major movies and tv shows such as The Walking Dead played by Bruce, Lets Be Cops, Leatherheads, Flight and the movie Step Off. He has also acted in many big branded tv adverts.

interviews Earl Baylon who acts as Jonah in the Tomb Raider games Jonah is known to be Lara Crofts best friend in the game

DJ Beck interviews Allan Sabado he got given the opportunity to be the Brazilian Henchman in Fast 5 and had the opportunity to work and meet with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel he has also acted in the movie called Side Effect and Pony and the TV Series called Star. DJ Beck interviews Shane Withington who has been playing John Palmer now for 10 years we discuss how much time he spends acting in the series and how far in advance Home And Away record the TV Show. Shane has also acted in many other movies and tv shows such as Out Of The Blue, Rain Shadow and many more for some personal info life He is married to Anne Tenney, who played his character’s wife Molly Jones on A Country Practice.

DJ Beck interviews Ben Hall who act’s as Ned Willis in Neighbours

Jessica Sutton acts as the leader of the OMG girls on The Kissing Booth movie played as MIA, She has also recently acted in the latest Escape Room movie that is still being released in the UK Cinemas  

DJ Beck interviews Lachi , Lachi is a music producer from New York and she is a Hip Hop & RnB singer she has Collab’s with many big artists such as Snoop Dogg and Styles P. Lachi is also currently heading over to the EDM, Dance and trance Genre and has decided she would like to continue to do more work with Markus Schulz .

DJ Beck interviews Nomad aka David Cooley from Black ops 4, David has been working on several voices for the new Spiderman. David was also involved with Local Population voices for Grand Theft Auto 5.

DJ Beck interviews Stelio Savante aka Ajax who is a well known Character from Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 , We discuss about how his voice came along to the game , and we also discuss his other act where he plays Primo from Midnight Club 2. Stelio has also acted and taken part in a recent film called Running For Grace. Staring other big acts such as Jim Caviezel, Ryan Potter and Olivia Ritchie.

DJ Beck interviews Daniel Newman from AMC’s The Walking Dead, Daniel arrived in Season 6 and ended in season 8 he featured in 10 episodes when Rick aka Andrew Lincoln meets the members of the Kingdom who is leaded by Ezekiel aka Khary Payton. Daniel Newman is also a singer and you can find his music on Spotify just by searching his name , he is also on all social media platforms. I hope you show the support for the amazing artist please give him a follow.
DJ Beck interviews Piercey Dalton who plays as Character name Naomi Wallace, Naomi aka Piercey is the mother of Logan who is played by Dylan Minnette. In the interview we talk about The Open House Horror/Thriller movie. We also talk about her latest project called Duke which is based on a true story of a young adult who has a learning difficulty called Autism.

DJ Beck interviews Chris Jai Alex who is known for the new Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 game as his voice announces the Team Deathmatch and Blackout sessions which has replaced the Campaign game. His voice is also known in Mafia 2 and Tomb Raider. Chris has also been a stunt man in several movies such as Red Dawn
Robert Sanchez and Mo Gallini was a security guard for Carter Verone aka Cole Hauser and there job of the movie was to make sure that Tyrese Gibson and Paul Walker were doing they’re jobs properly. Robert also played a episode in Prison Break and is currently directing a movie called Terms Of Us
Ernest L Thomas has been acting since 1976 and is known for working in Malcom X with Denzel Washington and he has new movie releases coming called The Gods and Two Wolves.
Grandmixer DXT is a HipHop DJ but also a well known turntablist and he is known for working along side Herbie Hancock with the song called Rock It.
DJ Beck interviews Agent Dunn aka Eddie Finlay Known from 2 Fast 2 Furious, Bad Boys 2, Brooklyn nine-nine and many more great movies , In this interview we discuss how he got involved into acting and involved with the one of the biggest movie franchises 2 Fast 2 Furious Directed by John Singleton.


DJ Beck interviews Alan Fletcher who has played Dr Karl Kennedy in Neighbours since 1994 and also manages a Rock band called The Waiting Room.

DJ Beck interviews Major Celebrity actor Chad Lindberg known from many Movies and TV Shows such as Fast And Furious , Rise Of The Zombies, Security and Sons Of Anarchy.

DJ Beck interviews Actor Tony Giroux who plays Trevor in the movie Selfie From Hell.

DJ Beck interviews Rapper, Hip Hop star Mike Jones. We talk about his new music released and how he ended up producing music with Snoop Dogg and many other musicians.

Josh Myers is interviewed by DJ Beck, Josh Myers is known for many big Films such as Anti Social, Green Street 3, The Fall Of the krays and is the ring leader of the latest film release The Krays ( Dead Man Walking )

Rohain Mirza interviewed by DJ Beck was one of the actors involved in Fast and Furious 7 , He was on set with the DJ who was acted by T Pain at the birthday party scene in Dubai..

Katy Coffey interviewed by DJ Beck is a pop singer who sang one of her hits called Let It Be You.

TJ Herbert interviewed by DJ Beck is a Ideas man for film making and has been in many movies such as The Bromley Boys acting along side Movie stars such as Adam Deacon and Jamie Forema.

Loveness interviewed by DJ Beck is a business owner who sells and produces Candles, and Bath smells to help people relax.

Elliot Emden interviewed by DJ Beck was in The Apprentice TV show in 2017 and worked with David Cameron for 9 months in parliament.